Crossfit Devastation Trainers

Kim Marczynski

Kim Marczynski (Head Coach)

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Certification: CrossFit L1 Trainer & USAW Level 1

Loves Most: The connection with the athletes and seeing them achieve goals they never thought were possible.

Random Fact: I was born in Seoul, Korea and adopted as a baby.

Christian Clay

Christian Clay

Hometown: Dania Beach, FL

Certification: Crossfit L1 Trainer

Loves Most: I love that I am able to change people's lives!

Random Fact: I enjoy gardening.

Katie Gladhill

Katie Gladhill

Hometown: Damascus, MD

Certification: CrossFit L1 Trainer

Loves Most: Helping set goals for people to accomplish and seeing them follow through.

Random Fact: I can crush a whole jar of crunchy peanut butter in a single day!

Ryan Peardon

Ryan Peardon

Hometown: Winter Haven, FL

Certification: CrossFit L1 Trainer

Loves Most: Seeing the progress people make.

Random Fact: I'm a Florida army national guardsman.

Dillon Bailey

Hometown: Winter Haven, FL

Certification:CrossFit L1 Trainer

Loves Most: Seeing the faces on people after they completed their workout, and the opportunity to make their day that much better!

Random Fact: I used to be 230 pounds and HATED working out!

Ruchelle Nicholson

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Certification: Yoga & Gymnastics

Loves Most: Helping people realize they can do things they didn't think they could.

Random Fact: I am also a hair dresser!

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