Crossfit Devastation Testimonials

Mary V.

"Here are a few of the reasons I am an avid supporter of CrossFit Devastation – (1.) The Coaches: Steven showed me I could do things I would never have thought I could. Then Ben, Christian and Katie provided and continue to provide the coaching and support to help me go further every day. And it's not just what's in the gym that they help with. They are great nutrition and lifestyle coaches as well. (2.) Devastation Members: They are like another family to me. No matter what age or what level of ability, they are all supportive of me and every other Devastation team member. We hug and laugh together before we start, we encourage and sometimes cry together during our work outs and then high five, fist bump and hang out on the floor together when it's all over! (3.) The Results: It's no kidding, this is hard stuff but it does pay off. I'm 60 now and have never been in as good of overall condition as I am now."

"I am thankful and look forward every day to share time with the coaches and other Devastation Nation members. "

Rich V.

"I came to Crossfit Devestation back when it started with my daughter, who was 14 at the time. She was very difficult to get inspired to work out or exercise. The trainers here love what they do, so they are contagiously motivating. My daughter was here daily at 5am or 6am and actually enjoying it. I have never felt better and have a very hard time missing a day (like most of us). I love it here - the atmosphere, trainers, equipment, but most of all, the people here. I love my 6am crew (and some of you late sleepers are okay too)!"

Yvette F.

"Our box is comprised of highly motivated (fit) family members. Everyone from the coaches to the athletes have high standards and a commitment to being everything physically they can be. It doesn't matter what time of day you drop into the box, you're going to get the same quality feel. We welcome all ages and all levels of fitness. Race, color, gender, occupation are irrelevant as well. We encourage one another, push each other and have a sincere desire to see our FitFam members excel and succeed.

Whether you are in CrossFit for functional training or to train in it as a competitive sport, you won't find a better home. You don't want to miss our monthly outings either! It's a time where we develop our friendships and try new and fun things.

How has it changed my life? I can tell you that my coach (Ben Hill) has helped me overcome my fear of heights. During a swim WOD I jumped from a 10' diving board. Never in a million years would I have done that without him believing in me. I am also able to do hand stand push-ups. Something I just never thought of doing. These things give me confidence and that confidence spills over into other areas of life.

Last but not least, we give back to the community. There have been opportunities to come together to help community organizations, like the Special Olympics."

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