Crossfit Devastation Trainers

Brooke Clark

Brooke Clark

Hometown: Lake Alfred, FL

CrossFit Level 1
Certified Personal Trainer

What got you into fitness? I’ve always been an athlete; I played soccer, ran cross-country and track. Fitness was an escape from reality that better prepared me for my sport

Loves most about coaching: There’s nothing better than watching people transform their bodies, lives, and habits. I’m a part of something much more than just a “gym”, these people trust me to help them grow as individuals and athletes and they become my family in the process

Random fact: I did CrossFit 9 months pregnant!

Tyson Gurnsey

Tyson Gurnsey

Hometown: Winter Haven, FL

Certification: CrossFit Level 1

What got you into fitness? I developed some really unhealthy eating habits and started to lose control of my body, so I wanted to get in shape so I could look and feel better

Loves most about coaching: I love getting to make new friends with members in the gym and seeing people develop and grow in this lifestyle

Random fact: I love mountain biking

(863) 291-4653

5636 Cypress Gardens Blvd.

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